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The origins of the company date back to 1960, when Angel Monferrer, founder of the company, worked as a production manager for Obradors, an important and pioneering bus build in the area.

Later, in 1980, Angel Monferrer opened a repair shop as an official Obradors technical service, also dedicating himself to the manufacture of special mobile units such as home-workshop trailer, mobile television studios,…

It was in 1990, with the incorporation of his son, Jordi Monferrer (current Commercial Director) when an assembly line for minibuses and minibuses was created.

In 1999, due to the increase in production needs, the company moved to its current location, a plant with the capacity to assemble 17 units per month. From 1990 to 2006 the company manufactured minibuses to cover the production of this product that was made only for big companies.


In August 2006, the company’s main customer stopped the production of minibuses due to a drop in sales and overstock at its facilities.

At this point, Jordi Monferrer, with an important know-how workers acquired over years and with his desire to create his own product line, began to design, develop and homologate his own models, all made on Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis.


Since 2007 and also overcoming the important crisis that strongly affected the sector, has sold more than 1,700 units, with a progressive sales increase year after year since 2011.

The evolution and development of product variants to offer maximum versatility and adaptability to the needs of each client have been constant for since its beginning, covering the sector from 9 to 22 seats both in school transport, discretionary , urban, luxury services, as well as any type of transportation need.

The star model within the product range is the Spica due to its versatility, design, finishes and comfort. For all these reasons, this model was awarded in 2009 as the minibus of the year in Spain.

As a result of this award, the urban version of the body was also developed under the commercial name Spica Urban, which in turn was awarded in 2013 as minibus of the year in Spain for its version on the Mercedes Benz Spinter GNC chassis.

Now we have a consolidated distribution network throughout Europe, exporting mainly to France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy.


Currently operates in a 4500m2 factory that include a structure manufacturing hall, plate area, painting booths, finishing area, verification and warehouse. has a team of 40 workers who currently make possible a production of 3 units per week that represents about 130 units per year, of which 40% are destined for export and the other 60% to a faithful and consolidated national market. has been a Mercedes-Benz VanPartner since 2014 and since 2015 a member of the ASCABUS association.


At the beginning of 2013, after having added the versions on LPG and CNG chassis to the vehicle range, the management decided to also invest in electric mobility. For this.

It was the synergies catalyzed by Victor Puig between the Italian engineering Rampini and that made possible the complete design and development of the 6-meter 100% electric Wolta minibus that was presented in 2014 at the International Bus fair that took place in Madrid.

Since then, the bus approved and registered, has been extensively tested in the main cities of our country with very positive results that, with the improvements introduced since the manufacture of the first prototype, it represents a 100% reliable alternative to urban passenger transport.

In accordance with its commitment to sustainable mobility, is a member of AEDIVE and the LIVE platform, both associations for the development and promotion of electric vehicles, the first at the state level and the second focused on the city of Barcelona.


Recently we have begun with the manufacture of a new model of electric minibus: eURBAN.

The ideal option for sustainable and modern urban mobility. 100% electric with excellent manoeuvrability and accessability for the passangers of our intelligent cities.

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